Utilizing our intensive proprietary shell building process, hand machined hardware, patented strainer, and patented hoops we have created an entirely new class of musical instrument.


Angel’s rigorous timber selection brings you the absolute best from an endless selection of European and exotic timber species, and its deep roots in the artisan woodworking industry has acquired contacts throughout the years to bring the most exclusive and hard to obtain exotic hardwoods from across the globe.


Angel’s lugs are meticulously hand machined in house from solid brass using a highly protected 40+ step process and plated to match hardware selection. (Not available for purchase separately.)

Angel Drums


Angel’s throw off is brilliantly hand machined in house from solid bronze to be can be assembled and disassembled in under 10 seconds using no tools at all. Our design is simple and rugged, yet smooth and efficient. A work of art in itself, our throw-off is sold separately and can be plated to your specification.

Angel Drums

Symmetrical Venting

A clever way to facilitate rapid air movement leading to improved response and a louder more powerful volume.