Improved tone and durability with in-house hardware

Angel Drums are exclusively artisan made percussion instruments built to impress. Meticulously crafted under one roof to the finest detail and accompanied by a 100% lifetime warranty, serious players can rest assured that Angels will outlive us all. Be a part of that legacy.


Angel’s rigorous timber selection brings you the absolute best from an endless selection of responsibly harvested European timber species.
Available in maple, oak, ash, acacia, gledicia, abachii, meranti, pine, aluminium.

Angel Drums


Angel’s deep roots in the artisan woodworking industry has acquired contacts throughout the years to bring the most exclusive and hard to obtain exotic hardwoods from across the globe. Available in rosewood, mahogany, red oak, black wenge, merbau, dussie, meranti, black walnut, hungarian walnut.

Angel Drums


Cherub is a new generation series of Angel Drums.
Developed for customers who wished for lighter, but uncompromised quality drums.
The technology, workflow and the handmade quality remains. Difference lies in the material: the drums are made of three new types of wood, and aluminium or iron hardware, instead of stainless steel.


Angel’s special snares line features collaboration with well-known tattoo artists Robert Borbas. These drums are only made on special orders.

Angel Drums

Stainless Steel Hoops

Angel Hoops are hand rolled from 304 stainless steel and hand welded into a perfect circle. Tension rod attachments are laser cut and hand welded into place overhanging the rim to aid in receiving the drum head aligning everything perfectly dead center on top of the drum shell. Dramatically improve the sound clarity and feel of ANY drum or your money back.