Angel Drums inspire greatness and individuality.

AngelFamilyPhotoOver the past two decades artisan furniture maker and drum builder Zoltan Angel has become well respected in both industries for his constant innovation, attention to detail, and unique old-world quality style. During this time, Angel also became interested in metalworking and began machining each lug from solid brass, each throw from solid bronze, and making drum hoops from stainless steel to offer a quality of instrument previously unseen in the industry.

Each drum shell is one-of-a-kind. Angel’s proprietary solid segment shell building process transforms an endless selection of responsibly harvested wood species, both common and exotic into functioning works of art. Many of our hand-selected wood species are so hard they cannot be steam-bent, which allows Angel Drums to offer a much greater palate of sound options to the player then previously available.

Angel makes each and every main component in-house with the same incredible attention to detail that carries throughout every step of our manufacturing process. Most drum makers will swear that their quality standards are the highest, while another company does half or all of their production. Angel’s fresh approach with dedication to excellence enables us to create instruments that are unsurpassed. We will continue to provide the professional and aspiring player with an experience like never before. This is the way it should be.

“EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON EVERYTHING” is our mission statement and words that we live by. Every one-of-a-kind instrument is a well-oiled machine. No shortcuts are taken, and there is no compromise on quality anywhere along the line. From rigorous timber selection to state-of-the-art production and final “white glove” assembly, each process is executed confidently with intimate knowledge and immense pride in Nyiregyhaza, Hungary.

All of our exceptional instruments and components come with a lifetime warranty.

Welcome to the Angel Drums family and thank you for your support!